Carolines Fit Plan



You will receive a 28 page pdf with a carefully structured 8 week workout plan included. I wanted this program to help people of all abilities/fitness levels, so I have included a workout plan for both people completely new to the gym, and for people who are more experienced! For the more advanced program, there are up to 5 sessions to choose from every week, as well as a whole section of HIIT + Ab sessions to add in if you like. For the beginner program, I have designed a 3 day training split with the option of also adding HIIT + Abs. Although this program covers the whole body, there is a very clear emphasis on the glutes, designed to give you a bigger, lifted booty!


As well as training correctly, I think it is very important to gain some knowledge around common fitness topics, and be well informed on why you are training the way you are. For this reason I have included information on each of the following topics:

  1. Hypertrophy
  2. Progressive Overload
  3. Importance of Tracking
  4. Nutrition tips: Fat Loss/ Muscle Gain/ Both!
  5. How to prevent Binging + Staying on Track
  6. Rest Periods
  7. All About Abs
  8. Supplementation

All workouts in this program are gym based, using mainly equipment that every weight training gym would have like barbells, dumbbells, leg press etc.