Growing up I always had an interest in science and the body and how it all works. I was also always very active. I played sports from as far back as I can remember, starting with Gaelic Football for my local club and county, then also playing basketball with my school, local club and county. It wasn’t until I turned 16 that I found my love for the gym. I picked up a hip injury playing basketball and had to do some rehabilitation exercises at the gym to build it back up again, which involved me using weights. I was always too nervous and embarrassed to use the bigger free weights before this, but it wasn’t long until I was there almost every night, not only to recover my hip injury but to build everywhere else too! After realizing how much I loved working out and pushing my body to it’s limits, I spent more and more time educating myself online and learning about different ways to train and diet. My college course also hugely links in with training and dieting, as the physiology and biochemistry modules directly correspond to my interest in training and dieting! I fell in love with the feeling of training and the confidence it gave me. I have gone from being underweight, to slightly overweight, back to where I am now, happy and healthy in my own skin! My fitness journey so far has been a roller coaster and huge learning curve and I’m so glad I’m able to help you lovely ladies on your journey too, and give you a completely honest and efficient approach to get to where you want to be!




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